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I studied filmmaking & Marketing in Cuba, Barcelona & Ireland. During my career as a cinematographer and screenwriter, I found myself much more interested in the real life behind the films that I loved, sort of a ‘documentary style’ approach to the art of filmmaking. After years in the film industry, I felt that it’s even more important to keep a real version (memory) of ourselves in life as it goes, without a script, without second shots, something beautiful to be remembered by. A real memory is made of real feelings, and if captured correctly, they will transcend over time. 

Each and every couple has their own story to tell. My goal is to connect with your vision and transform that into a natural documentary style film for you both and your loved ones to watch and replay at any point of your life and remember that life is made of all this unique moments.

That is what I try to translate into my work.

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Greta & Jordi

Moni Contreras & Poncho

Cynthia de la Vega &
Kike Mayagoitia

Fernando Kolbeck & Favio

Sara & Chucky

Bárbara & David

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What clients say

Some of my client reviews about the process of hiring me and working together. 

Joel (Ireland)
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“More than a filmmaker, we feel that a friend came with us as a part of this adventure”
Cynthia de la Vega & Kike Mayagoitia
Cynthia de la Vega & Kike Mayagoitia
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We are fascinated by your work, filmmaking at its best. He has not only made our wedding film but our gender reveal and the birth of our son. We love his work and will surely include him in all our important life events. Thanks for everything!
Peter (New York)
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‘What’s up, brother? We were talking about you last night, I’m speechless, you captured everything so perfectly. I can’t thank you enough for your incredible work. I never cry but I couldn’t help it watching it the first 5 times! Hahaha!”
Shea (Ireland)
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“You did an amazing job and your editing is incredible. We are really impressed about how you edited our first dance, WOW! It looks and feels like a real movie, excellent cinematography!”