About Me

Hi guys, I’m Berna, nice to see you here.

The thing I love the most about weddings is the opportunity to capture your own adventure, just as it happened.

For me it happened while listening to my parents talking about their own wedding. They got married on October 1977 and they did not hire a wedding filmmaker. I know, right? Throughout all these years, both of them have told me silly and beautiful anecdotes that happened that day. Starting with my Mom having coffee in the morning with my grandparents, her best friend doing her makeup, some doves singing outside her window and a Beatles record playing in the background. Life is made of all these little moments that are worth keeping. Sometimes in the middle of the day, I randomly think about how I would have recorded their wedding. That is a feeling I take with me to every wedding.  My goal is to show you guys how amazing it is to keep that version of yourselves forever.

Some of it comes from experience

some of it comes from inspiration

some of it just happens

I studied filmmaking in Cuba and Barcelona. Later I made my marketing studies in Dublin, Ireland. My love for cinematography grew so much during my studies and projects. I became more and more interested in what happened behind the scenes. All those stories from actors and directors and film crews running around the set, improvising, changing scripts, 5am calls, and always finding a way to make magic.
As time went on, my passion towards filmmaking was transformed into a documentary style genre. There’s a beauty in how things naturally unveil in front of us, without scripts or second shots. Just life!


I’m excited to plan an adventure with you. If you think we would be a good fit, I'm sure we will!​


I have 3 BEAUTIFUL cats: Lingu, Poki & Maggie, who genuinely insist on sitting on my desk as i edit my films. Apparently, they love weddings too! I also love a morning coffee after yoga and running. Late night beers & long conversations with friends. I love films from Terrence Malick, Sam Mendes, David Lynch, and of course, Stanley Kubrick (they are all are true inspiration for my approach in weddings). My favorite bands: Nirvana, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Queen, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Coldplay and film composers for motion pictures like Gustavo Santaolalla, Thomas Newman and Hans Zimmer.


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